My Art
My current visual practice is focused on painting, but I have created work in a variety of formats over the years. Below is a sample platter for your visual taste buds!


Puppets from The Sphinx, a stop-motion animation I created in 2009

The Sphinx, stop-motion animation, 2009

Paintings for the Laughing Eye Weeping Eye Tarot, 2010

Cerberus, embroidery onto vintage fabric, 2007

Twin, gouache and pencil on paper, 2008

Beway, stop-motion animation, 2013.  I created this animation for one of my songs. This song is on the album of the same name, Beway, by Laughing Eye Weeping Eye.

In the early days of Laughing Eye Weeping Eye music (2010-2012), I created songbooks for audience members. Songbooks were aged to look old, and audience voices’ raised ecstatic energy.

LadyBugs, Jacquard Hand Loom, 2007.