Creatures of the Moon


This double-sided deck brings alive Creature totems, Moon phase divination, storytelling, and ritual. An expansive and varied Oracle deck and book unlike any other!



This deck combines Creature totems with Moon divination. For the first time, a concrete system of divination based on the lunar cycle has been created by Rebecca Schoenecker.

Both Creatures and Moon work together to answer any questions that you present to them!

Original paintings, stories, rituals, and questions for self-reflection bring this deck and book beyond the realm of divination; Creatures and Moon follow a lunar cycle of rising energy and release, which one may incorporate into their own daily, spiritual path. Corresponding lunar rituals for Moon-side cards allow one to fully tap into the lunar cycle and harness its power.

The Creatures of the Moon: A Storytelling Oracle, includes the following:

  • 32 double-sided cards, 64 images and card-sides total
  • One card-side features Creature/totem guidance
  • The other card-side features Moons’ guidance for each day of the Moon’s cycle, plus Triple Moon and Lunar Eclipse cards

A 308 page companion book, which includes:

  • Original, fairy-tale like stories for each Creature and Moon day
  • Practical information for interpreting Creature and Moon
  • Associated myths and ideas from different cultures for Creature and Moon
  • Moon-based rituals and questions for reflection
  • Goddess information as it correlates to Moon
  • Full-color artwork, graphs, and illustrations. Moon-charts are provided to help you match the correct card to the current Moon phase.
  • A whole lotta love. Seriously, it’s bursting with it.


All Artwork, book, writing, and deck concept is copyright 2017 Rebecca Schoenecker.


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