Testimonials & CV

I have read tarot at:

  • The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
  • Pitchfork Music Festival
  • Soho House, Chicago
  • Dusek’s & The Punch House
  • The Empty Bottle
  • Revival Food Hall
  • Dose Market
  • Chicago Public Libraries
  • Sideshow Gallery  (I started their tarot class series)

I also frequently read tarot (and present workshops) for guests at personal events, such as:

  • Bachelorette parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Business retreats or social events
  • Halloween or costume parties
  • Tea Hour
  • Art, Craft, and Makers markets


“This experience was the bomb!  I had a love situation manifest a few weeks prior to me seeing Rebecca and within the first card draw, she was able to see what was going on as well as give me clear guidance on how to handle it.  I went home that evening and applied her advice and now feel great.

Rebecca, during the reading, was also able to see major themes in my life that I had been concerned with and gave me advice on how to maneuver through these.  I have paid big money to see pyshic mediums and felt much more clarity leaving Rebecca’s reading than I did when I saw the psychics…”

– Ashley F., Yelp Review

“Rebecca is an amazing reader! I felt that her reading offered me the confidence and push I needed to carry me through.”
– Armand Fields

The Tarot Reader

Carpet alive with timeless time
Laid out like a blanket over an ocean
A desert
The center holds, for now

This is the present tense
To the north, the south
The near and far
What is your question?

The art of the creator
Mixes with the silent known
I wish to know myself
Can I may?
What is your question?

You must find the bridge
I cannot find it for you
You must find the truth
I cannot find it for you
You must find yourself

The art of the creator
Marries with the eye

The card predicts a possibility
The mind predicts a probability
The soul creates creation
She has a hand that speaks

Her lips of ageless


Written by Peter Holbrook
after having his Tarot read by Laughing Eye Weeping Eye