Tarot & Divination

I am a Spiritual Advisor who is dedicated to helping people in all walks of life. I offer tarot and clairvoyant readings, but sometimes even these sessions incorporate other modalities such as tea leaf reading, dream interpretation, etc. I see divination as a process for not just answering a question, but seeing why the question has been asked and helping to bring out the answer which is already deep within you.

My sessions serve as a starting point for reflection and self-discovery. As a reader, the symbols and images I see begin a discussion about your life. My readings are focused on how we create meaning and purpose in all areas of our lives. I do not focus on future prediction, as I believe that we create our own future.

To schedule a tarot or clairvoyant reading please use the online booking system: https://www.rebeccaschoenecker.com/book-a-reading/

$45 for 30 minutes
$65 for 45 minutes
$80 for one hour (individual sessions only)

Contact Info


Call or text: 708-465-1064

If you would like to schedule appointments for a party of three or larger, please contact me directly. If you’d like to have me read tarot at your event, please also contact me directly for a quote. Sessions and events book out anywhere from a few days to several weeks in advance. Clairvoyant readings are available via individual session only (sorry, I don’t do clairvoyant readings at events!).

Readings take place at 3323W Diversey Ave in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. I recommend booking through the online calendar to ensure you are scheduled quickly and fairly. Occasionally I can accommodate appointment requests outside of listed times with advance notice. Phone and Skype readings are also available through the online booking system. Email readings can be purchased here: https://www.rebeccaschoenecker.com/

About Rebecca, aka

Laughing Eye Weeping Eye

Laughing Eye Weeping Eye (Leye Weye) is a Spirit that I work with in my readings. Leye Weye shares messages of hope and insight, and brings awakening.

Leye Weye is a Spirit that is old, and is referenced in a variety of traditions and stories.

One is a folk tale of a child who uses his kindness to overcome defiant and tricky spiritual entities. In the end, the child is a hero who helps his father balance his eyes, which are torn between laughing and weeping.

To the Lakota, there is Spirit similar to Leye Weye called the Heyoka. The Heyoka is akin to a cosmic jester, who, when invoked, colorfully entertains but also states the truth aloud when others have been fearful to admit it.

When I work with Leye Weye, honest messages are received and shared with humor and compassion. The tarot readings are intuitive messages which offer guidance, insight, and inspiration.

I have always been prone to strong visions, intuitions, and dreams. Laughing Eye Weeping Eye helps guide these visions. As a Spirit, Leye Weye travels between realms, bringing back incantations and messages from worlds both old and new.

My background and the creation of my own decks

My own deck, the Laughing Eye Weeping Eye Tarot

I became interested in tarot because it ties together ideas I explore in my creative practice. Spanning cultures and religions, tarot uses a universal language, exploring themes such as: enlightenment, judgment, resurrection, life, death, the wheel of fate, feminine and masculine power, love, mythos and storytelling.

I wanted to fully immerse myself in the meaning of tarot. To bring out its vision, I created my own 78-card deck inspired by the Rider-Waite Tarot and my own life experiences. Using a blend of Medieval and animal symbolism, I created the Laughing Eye Weeping Eye Tarot deck in 2011, which I often use for my readings.

I have since self-published numerous tarot and oracle decks which I also use in my readings. The research needed to create these decks has furthered my knowledge of symbols, spirituality, and magic. In readings, this allows me to fully understand the wisdom of these symbols and how their meaning applies to the querents’ life.

When I began this journey in 2011, I also started a deeper exploration into mysticism, myth, and the esoteric. I delved into books on arcane wisdom. I joined a tight-knight spiritual group. I began a practice of daily meditation. All of this changed my life and path and also deepened my clairvoyant work.

My clairvoyance started to come about as a result of daily meditation and tarot reading. I began to see images through my third eye (also called the mind’s eye). In my own life, I started to pay attention to what these symbols meant and was amazed at how their meanings would play out. Tapping into clairvoyance for my own life has meant living with a deeper awareness of what is happening within and around me.

For clients, using clairvoyance means we explore images (seen through my mind’s eye) about you. The images I see can be literal, acting as stories that tell me more about your current life experiences. Sometimes the images I see are symbolic of what you are going through. These images and symbols act as a powerful starting point for discussion and self-reflection.

My work as a reader is intrinsically tied to who I am. As a researcher of the metaphysical, a spiritual dedicant and artist, my own personal quest to ascend helps me to serve others for the highest good, which is what I strive to do.