My name is Rebecca Schoenecker and I am a Tarot reader who reads under the name Laughing Eye Weeping Eye. This is a site dedicated to Tarot reading and divination. You may know a lot about Tarot, or you may be new. If you own one of my Tarot decks, or if you need a reference for your readings, I have a page for you with Tarot Card Meanings. If you are ready to dig in a little deeper to the Tarot, you may want to try out one of my online classes. Additionally, articles on this site are written by me to give you practical information while also exploring a range of topics relating to Tarot, divination, and magick.

I believe in Tarot. It’s powerful and it’s sacred.

It’s been crucial to my practice as a reader to use my own handmade Tarot decks. Please visit the DECKS link for more information on my Tarot decks. And thanks for tuning in!

Contact me at leyeweye {at} gmail.com.


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