You Are Psychic – Workshop



Develop your psychic abilities in this workshop, on Wednesday, January 31st!

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You Are Psychic. It’s true! We all are. Dumb society tried to take away our sixth sense (“stick to the facts, Jack!”) but we rebel! Right here and now! We WILL reclaim the power to see the hidden, speak the unspoken, and know the untold!

In this 2-hour workshop led by Rebecca Schoenecker of Laughing Eye Weeping Eye, you will learn more about your own, unique psychic abilities. Techniques for developing your clairvoyance will be discussed and explored through tactile exercises in class. At the end of the course, you will leave with an awareness of your own innate abilities. Exercises and techniques learned in class will also allow you to continue to develop your own psychic voice.

This class takes place on Wednesday, January 31st from 7-9pm, the night of the full moon.
@ Space Oddities, 1007 N California Ave, Chicago, IL

In this two-hour session, you will learn:
– What your natural psychic tendencies are
– How to cultivate a mind-space that leads to “trance,” where psychic information can be revealed
– Various techniques for honing your abilities

You will also leave the class having done a psychic reading, as well as received one from another classmate. It is recommended that you come to class with a notebook – you will want to remember this stuff!