Birth of Venus – A Love Reading


A reading on your love and beauty this Valentine’s Day

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The Birth of Venus, a painting by Botticelli completed in the 15th Century, is one of the most celebrated masterpieces of art. It’s a painting filled with allegory, desire and enigma. The painting depicts the birth of Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty. This Valentine’s day, I help you unlock your potential in love by examining your own inner Goddess of love; where’s she at, what she’s up to, and what the winds of change are bringing in.

Based on symbolism from this iconic painting, each card in this reading correlates to your own love life and desires. Created by Rebecca, this detailed spread will bring you a renewed understanding of your true love in all its power!

This email reading will reach your email inbox within 48 hours of ordering, Tuesday – Friday. If you order this reading on a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, it will be delivered onĀ  Tuesday. The reading is delivered as a PDF file with photos of the cards and detailed information about how the cards apply to your life.

The 8 cards in this reading as they correlate to the painting are:

  • Card 1 – The Seashell: What is my beauty?
  • Card 2 – Venus’s Feet: How does my beauty ground me and give me power?
  • Card 3 – Hair covering her sex: What do I need to understand about myself, sexually?
  • Card 4 – Hand over Venus’ heart: How can I both protect and share my heart?
  • Card 5 – Venus’ head: What are my mental images of love?
  • Card 6 – Zephyr (God of West Wind): What is the wind bringing to me (in love?)
  • Card 7 – Aura (Nymph clinging to Zephyr): What helps me welcome new love, like the Spring?
  • Card 8 – Horae, Goddess of the seasons (about to cloak Venus): What season of love am I in right now?