2018 New Year Email Reading


2018 New Year Email Reading

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“The best way to predict the future is to invent it” – The X Files
In the Blessing Ceremony episode of the X Files, some random dude in a suit says this to Scully when she’s at a funeral and Mulder has disappeared. Thanks weird dude. Never mind that he’s stalking her at a funeral (creep) — It’s the quote that counts!

I am not here to predict. I am not here to spell out your plans. This reading is not about resolutions (thank gawdness, don’t we already have enough to do?!?).

This is about your EVOLUTION. What 2018 means for you, as you continue to roll with the punches and strengthen your swing. This is a detailed reading for you to start 2018 knowing what stock you’ve got, what waste to erase, and what great aspirations you’re rising to!

I am offering a detailed 11-card reading for YOU. This reading will inspire you – as you Evolve. Not Resolve (goodbye to-do’s!). This detailed tarot reading offers:

– A look at your major lessons and experiences from 2017
– Where these led you
– What to cast off, leave behind, say goodbye to!
– What to make sure to bring with joy, into 2018!
– Current aspirations
– Themes for the 2018 Year
– A guiding animal Totem

Your reading comes with photos and explanations of all your cards. It’s very pretty looking too! I will deliver it to your email inbox within 72 hours of ordering (Tues – Sat). Orders placed on Sunday or Monday will be sent out by Wednesday.

This reading is available now through the end of January. Want to meet in person? Or skype instead? You can book that here: https://www.rebeccaschoenecker.com/book-a-reading/

I’m excited to work with you!


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