Unicorns of the Universe Tarot Deck


Unicorns from the world come together! In one tarot deck!

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This is a traditionally derived tarot deck with planetary, zodiac, and elemental associations!

Unicorns from across the Universe come together to illuminate, guide, and enchant your readings. Each suit of this tarot deck is illustrated by a different Unicorn!

Meet the Unicorns:

The Major Arcana
This winged stallion is messenger of the Gods on Mount Olympus! We must journey o’er happiness, truth, and sorrow in order to reach the Holy Mountain! Ride this stallion’s back as it travels through the Major Arcana, lessons numbering 0-22. The Pegasus guides our most important quest; the search for inner truth! Saddle up.

The Minor Arcana
Oh mighty Unicorn of Swords, ruled by AIR! Your actions are swift and full of sound! You make incredible flute-filled noises and your words cut through air! Your suit of cards shows us communication, intellect, reasoning, and fortitude. Much power you have, but also danger! We must remember that words in fact CAN hurt, sticks and stones may not.

The Minor Arcana
Oh wondrous Unicorn of WATER! You ebb and flow throughout time! Your soothing melody sings of love, celebration, spirituality, and happiness. Guide us through your suit of cups, oh mighty Qilin, to the deep, intuitive and harmonious waters below!

The Minor Arcana
Oh steady Unicorn of EARTH! Let us ride on your steadfast parade of pentacles. You wheel and deal and know how to plan, how to plant, too. We ARE earth, and from earth we grow! Our homes, careers, foods, bodies – you know. You are the suit of the material force, of all that grounds us! Teach us your slow, thoughtful ways. Your logic, planning, and business savvy seeds will blossom like a flower. Which looks like a pentacle, or a coin. We will survive!

Learning Tarot? Want to read about what each card means? I have all that info for you here: http://www.rebeccaschoenecker.com/divination/tarot-cards/


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