I currently offer online classes, and those are below. Each online course comes with written material on the subject, videos to watch, worksheets (when appropriate), quizzes, and exercises to help you learn the material. The quizzes and exercises are not graded, but definitely work to improve your memory of the information. The online courses can be completed independently at your convenience, but it is recommended that you give yourself at least one week per course. These courses will get your brain whirling, but they are also fun. They are created to encourage your own creative exploration of your tarot deck. I know that these topics will improve your knowledge of the Tarot, regardless of where you are at in your studies. When you purchase the class, you will be sent the password and course information within 24 hours at the email address you provide when you check out via paypal. Thank you for choosing Laughing Eye Weeping Eye Divination!

Online Classes:

Tarot Spreads and Reading Methods

The FanBeginner & Intermediate
This class is dedicated to helping you learn a few Tarot spreads, as well as an approach to reading where no memorized spreads are necessary. We will be exploring: The Celtic Cross Spread, the LEYE WEYE spread (my own creation!), and a fluid approach that allows you to pull cards without using any type of memorized spread. You will also be creating your own Tarot spread!

Court Cards

Court-Cards-PentaclesIntermediate & Advanced

This class is dedicated to helping you learn more about the Court Cards in the traditional, 78-card Tarot deck: Page, Knight, Queen and King (though some decks name them differently – which we discuss). This class teaches the you how to think about these cards, and how to talk about them when they appear in a reading.





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