I am a musician, artist, and tarot reader who believes in magic. Magic is transformation. Magic connects us with other worlds. Magic gives us a way to see in a way we haven’t before.

Since the beginning of time, we have been seeking to understand the mysterious world around us. We drew on cave walls to honor and summon animal spirits for the hunt. We told stories and created mythologies to help preserve traditions, and to commune with the gods and goddesses on the other side. We believed the moon rose from the underworld and descended back there at night, having no other way to explain it.

I live in this world of ancient mysteries, seeking to keep the old ways alive. I am a storyteller, tarot reader, and creator steeped in a world of mysticism, traveling between realms both old and new. I summon angels, banshees, spirits, and guides when I work. I traverse the spheres to share what is normally hidden from view. The visions I have offer up new sight.

Rebecca Schoenecker in her studio


I am captivated by all things metaphysical; the transcendent experience that defies logic, the omen, the prophetic dream, and realms unknown. I explore the esoteric through tarot card readings, rune readings, meditation, channeling, spirit work, various healing modalities, art, and music.

My background is that of a creator and teacher. I received my MFA from the School of the Art Institute in 2008; I spent the years following working at colleges, touring with my band, learning the tarot, and creating art. I currently work full time as a tarot reader and spiritual advisor, reading from my own created tarot decks. In 2012 I left my job as an Academic Advisor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicagoand embraced the esoteric path.

My moniker is Laughing Eye Weeping Eye. As LEYE WEYE, I channel information from the ethereal into physical form. As a tarot reader, intuitive, and spiritual advisor, the divinatory messages I share offer guidance, insight, hope, and inspiration. As an artist and musician, I create works that explore archetypes within the collective unconscious. For example, I am interested in how ancient cave paintings of horned men (or gods) and a wall calendar of deer in one's home may evoke, unknowingly, a connection to something similar across time and space. It is the timeless that I seek to explore, sometimes in a playful way.

Tarot was my first hook into the metaphysical. I had unusual experiences in my youth (channeling, automatic writing, astral travel) but did not understand or start using these gifts until I began reading tarot in 2010. I created my own tarot deck (the LEYE WEYE Tarot), and started reading from it. I found that this deck and the process of reading unlocked something huge. I am still trying to understand it; This mystery keeps me coming back with awe and inspiration. Through experience, study, art, music, and readings, I bring messages from worlds both old and new.


Email: leyeweye {at) gmail {dot} com

Phone: 708-465-1064


I read Tarot in the Logan Square area of Chicago, at 3551 W Diversey Ave. Email, call, or text me to schedule an appointment. Share your desired day(s) and time(s) as well as your contact info.

I also have a site with online courses and Tarot tutorials, called Laughing Eye Weeping Eye divination. Check it out!

Visit the Three Fates Mystic Shop, where I sell my Tarot decks and other stuff I make.

HAIRY SPIDER LEGS! Patrick Holbrook and I started this Chicago-based music label in 2012 to highlight the strangest and most beautiful music.